A key partner in ACS is a long established UK registered company - Saladin Security Ltd. This brings with it the security expertise of Saladin, a company that provides wide ranging security services around the world. For more detailed information please see their website:

Saladin has particular experience and presence in Africa, and close relationships with numerous specialist Kenyan owned companies. This means that is very well placed to provide comprehensive security solutions to companies operating in Kenya.

Saladin staff have immense experience conducting security work in remote and hostile locations throughout the world. Services include:

  • Designing and physically installing camps and security systems
  • Training local staff
  • Supply of security and support equipment
  • Managing all aspects of the ongoing security environment

Advisers to a number of major oil companies, Saladin is or has been involved in the securing of oil and gas installations in countries as dispersed as Yemen, DRC, Sudan and Nigeria. Saladin has previously been involved with security for off-shore oil installations in Yemen and Nigeria.

Both international and local staff are fully vetted and background checked prior to employment.